Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

Get Connected and Give Back - Join RSVP to Make a Difference!

It is RSVP’s mission to promote the benefits of service, and to help all seniors (age 55 and over) who want to volunteer to find meaningful opportunities meeting the needs of our community. 

Join RSVP and you join over 600 volunteers in Skagit County and nearly 500,000 volunteers across the country who are tackling tough issues in their communities.

With RSVP, you choose how and where you want to serve. You choose the amount of time you want to give. And you choose whether you want to draw on your skills or develop new ones. New volunteer Stations are being added all the time. Currently, there are 60 Stations in Skagit County. As a volunteer, you can recruit a Volunteer Station with the help of the RSVP Director.

In short, you find the opportunity that’s right for you. You can meet real needs that are of interest to you!
Become a volunteer!
RSVP will work with you to help you find the right "fit" for your service interests and skills.

Interested volunteers must complete a RSVP enrollment form. For an enrollment packet, contact the RSVP office by calling (360) 542-8458 or email or download the packet materials:

 Enrollment Form | Volunteer Station LocationsFrequently Asked Questions | CIMA brochure

What is RSVP? RSVP is America’s largest volunteer network for people age 55 and over.
Who qualifies to be an RSVP volunteer? RSVP volunteers must be age 55 and over and available to volunteer in Skagit County.
How do I get started? It is simple! Contact the RSVP office staff, Brandy Young at, (360) 542-8485 for more information. Or download the enrollment form. 
Where can I volunteer? RSVP volunteers volunteer in a variety of ways at many different non-profit agencies. Some areas of focus include:
  • Working with Veterans
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Disaster Services
  • Education & Literacy
  • Health & Community Services
  • Public Safety

You can also see the list of current volunteers sites here.


What are some of the benefits of volunteering?
  • Excess insurance: This insurance applies when you are traveling directly to and from, and while you are participating in, volunteer-related activities. Coverage includes:
    • Excess Accident Insurance
    • Excess Volunteer Liability Insurance
    • Excess Automobile Liability Insurance 
      There is also a benefit for accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage. The insurance does not duplicate benefits payable under Medicare or any other valid and collective insurance coverage. A complete listing of exclusions is detailed in the insurance policy. For more details and to learn about exclusions to the insurance coverage, go to
  • Placement: RSVP will identify or develop volunteer opportunities that match your special skills and interests.
  • Networking and Community Engagement: Being an RSVP volunteer means you are a part of a large network of volunteers and experience the joys of making a difference in your community. 
  • Meet other energized community members
  • Keep your skills current or learn new ones
  • Access to training that may be of interest to you!
 What is expected of me as an RSVP volunteer?  Our RSVP volunteers must report their volunteer hours each month. To stay active and maintain your insurance coverage - an RSVP volunteer must volunteer a minimum of one hour per quarter and report their hours monthly.

For additional information on the RSVP, visit the Corporation for National and Community Service
Website at