About Us

Educating and Empowering for a Better Future

Since 1898, Volunteers of America Western Washington has been evolving into the broad-based organization that it is today. Over the years, the economy, population and political environment of the greater Puget Sound region have changed dramatically. Volunteers of America has adapted to meet the changing social environment and growing needs. 

What does Volunteers of America do? See Phil Smith, our CEO, discuss VOAWW!

More about what VOAWW does:
Our dedicated staff teaches and empowers individuals, providing them with the tools and opportunity to lead better lives. We strive to make lasting changes in the lives of families, children, seniors and people with disabilities in our community.

As a leader in human services, Volunteers of America has remained at the forefront of effectively serving our community's most vulnerable populations. We are dedicated to providing basic needs, social services, and support that changes lives and communities.

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