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Do You Have a Will or Living Trust?

Making out a will or living trust – whether you have living heirs or not – is a wise step to take because it places the final disposition of your estate in your hands. Having a will or living trust has many benefits for your estate, heirs and community.

  • Distributes your property according to your wishes instead of letting the government take over the handling of your estate.
  • Enables you to choose the executor or personal representative of your choice.
  • Conserves estate resources from tax and cost erosion.
  • Enables you to name Volunteers of America of Western Washington as a beneficiary or successor beneficiary (if no primary beneficiaries are still living) in your will or living trust.
  • If you don’t have any heirs, it is still wise to make out a will or living trust. Having a will or trust enables you to leave behind a legacy to your community in the form of a charitable donation to one or more nonprofit organizations.

When making out your will or trust, we hope you’ll remember the mission and work of Volunteers of America Western Washington. If you already have a will, all you need to add is a codicil to your existing will to include Volunteers of America Western Washington. One hesitation of making out a will or living trust is not knowing where to go to for competent legal counsel to complete a valid will or trust. For a referral or assistance with your planned gift, please call Mark Johnson, Vice President of Development & Communications at 425-259-3191 or email, We will be happy to provide you with an appropriate referral.