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100+ Years of Service

100 Days of Giving

Whether it be donating food at your local food bank, offering a hand to someone who needs the help, or simply saying hello to someone you don't know, random acts of kindness can go a long way in terms of helping lift the human spirit.  Don't miss your chance to impact today!  We challenge you to not only look for those opportunities for kindness - seek them out and act on them.  

Day 1: Pay it forward with random acts of kindness
Day 2: Volunteer at a local food bank
Day 3: Help prevent summer learning loss by reading a book to a child or have a child read a book to you
Day 4: Give someone a hug
Day 5: 'Clean out your pantry' Fridays!  Donate non-perishable food items to your local food bank. 
Day 6: Help your local animal shelter by becoming a temporary foster family to puppies or kittens. 
Day 7: Share a meaningful/informative photo from Volunteers of America Western Washington's facebook with your friends. 
Day 8: Donate lightly used equipment (sports, art, etc...) to a local school or youth program
Day 9: Really listen to someone with a different point of view
Day 10: Mow your neighbors lawn
Day 11: Mentor a young person
Day 12: Hold a door open for someone
Day 13: Give to Volunteers of America Western Washington
Day 14: Pick up litter
Day 15: Learn the warning signs of depression/mental health issues so you can recognize it in others
Day 16: Donate a backpack or school supplies to a local school or youth program
Day 17: Get CPR/First Aid Certified (and bring a friend!)
Day 18: Buy coffee for the person behind you in line
Day 19: Give Blood
Day 20: Take the bus
Day 21: Register to vote
Day 22: Participate in National Night Out Against Crime (find a location near you)
Day 23: Grow produce in your personal garden for a local food bank
Day 24: Have a weekly game night with your family or friends
Day 25: Make one new friend today
Day 26: Invite your social media community to ‘Like’ VOAWW’s Facebook page and follow our Twitter page (@voaww) so they can be an active part of our community!
Day 27: Say 'Good Morning' to someone
Day 28: Call a friend that you haven't talked to in a while
Day 29: Bring reusable bags to the grocery store when shopping
Day 30: Donate your hair to charity
Day 31: Smile at someone you don't know
Day 32: Create an Umbrella drive for the fall/winter months
Day 33: Donate money or non-perishable food items to a local food bank
Day 34: Organize or participate in a park clean up or a community clean up event.
Day 35: Check in on an elderly neighbor to see if they need anything.
Day 36: Pet sit for someone who needs it. 
Day 37: Recycle and Compost...and educate people on the importance of it.
Day 38: Carpool
Day 39: Shop local
Day 40: Help cook or serve a meal at a shelter. 
Day 41: Make 'Get Well' cards for people in hospitals.
Day 42: Plant flowers in an area that needs it.
Day 43: Write or call your city, state, or federal representative about an issue that matters to you. 
Day 44: Rake your neighbors leaves. 
Day 45: Help plan a neighborhood block party or celebration. 
Day 46: Donate clothing or host a clothing exchange drive
Day 47:  Volunteer at Volunteers of America Western Washington
Day 48: Eat dinner together and create family time.
Day 49: Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit for yourself and a friend.
Day 50: Select VOAWW as your non-profit when you make purchases through Amazon, Fred Meyer, and Bartells.
Day 51: Tell someone that they're awesome.
Day 52: Walk next door and meet your neighbors. 
Day 53: Provide roadside assistance to someone in need. 
Day 54: Participate in a marathon or activity for a person or charity that you care about.
Day 55: Help a friend move.
Day 56: Bake something for first responders.
Day 57: Make sure to say 'I Love You' to everyone that matters to you. 
Day 58: Donate an unwanted car to Volunteers of America Western Washington
Day 59: Volunteer at a senior center. 
Day 60: Join your child or children's school PTA program. 

Day 60A: Plant a tree. 
Day 61: Bring in someones garbage can or recycling bin from the curb.
Day 62: Become a volunteer coach for a youth sports team. 
Day 63: Coordinate a book drive. 
Day 64: Wave at a stranger. 
Day 65: Call your mother, father, sister, brother, or any other family member that you care about!
Day 66: Set up a buddy system for kids with special needs. 
Day 67: Hold a teddy bear drive for a youth program. 
Day 68: Walk a neighbor's dog
Day 69: Write a note to someone that has had a positive effect on you and say 'thank you'.
Day 70: Buy something from a child who is fundraising. 
Day 71: Leave quarters at the laundromat for someone else to use.
Day 72: Organize an approved group mural withing your community.
Day 73: Serve on a non-profit board or committee. 
Day 74: Donate furniture to Value Village, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. 
Day 75: Volunteer to read to the visually impaired. 
Day 76: Tell someone close to you why you give to the charities you support!
Day 77: Make a stand against bullying. 
Day 78: Tell someone that they look nice today.

Day 79: Turn a birthday party into a 'giving party'
Day 80: Give out candy this Halloween!
Day 81: Learn how to say 'hello' in a foreign language.
Day 82: Make a care package for a child - fill it with dental necessities, toys, games, basic needs, etc.
Day 83: Share your creativity - don't be afraid to show it off!
Day 84: Introduce a friend to someone they don't know. 
Day 85: Help teach someone how to use a computer or the internet. 
Day 86: Make someone's life easier where you work. 
Day 87: Encourage others to bike or walk to work. 
Day 88: Tell one person you know about Volunteers of America Western Washington. 
Day 89: Do one of your kids chores for them. 
Day 90: Be a great listener to a friend. 
Day 91: Thank someone for their service. 
Day 92: Donate to a non-profit in someone's name. 
Day 93: Help students with their homework.
Day 94: Put down your phone and talk to the person next to you. 
Day 95: Make sandwiches for the homeless. 
Day 96: Encourage high school students who need service hours to donate their time to VOAWW.
Day 97: keep small change for donation cans. 
Day 98: Leave random notes of encouragement/compliments to co-workers.
Day 99: Tell a story. Be a story. 
Day 100: Go back through our list of 100 Days of Giving and see how many you can accomplish by the end of 2015. Please share with us some of your favorites and some of the ways you were able to give back to your community!