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There's still time to Give Hope!

Together, we can make a difference for our most vulnerable neighbors.  If you weren't able to join us for Hope is Brewing, make a donation online and be a hero of hope!

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Need help? We offer a wide range of resources from food and housing to behavioral health and mediation.

Looking to give back? Volunteering, donating, or joining the team are all ways you can play an active part in helping our neighbors find stability.

Helping Hands

Who We Are

Volunteers of America Western Washington was established in 1898, two years after Maud and Ballington Booth founded the national organization in New York. We respond to more than 300,000 requests for assistance each year through a partnership of professional staff, volunteers, and community supporters. Volunteers are instrumental in every aspect of our ministry of service and help us reach thousands more people than we could with staff alone.

We acknowledge each and every person, no matter your citizenship, origin, color, or creed. Our commitment is to serve those needing food, shelter, early childhood education, community resources, and so much more.

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