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The Lynnwood Neighborhood Center

Several years ago Trinity Lutheran Church and Volunteers of America came together to pursue a shared vision of creating a space for our neighbors to serve, celebrate, and be cared for.

The Lynnwood Neighborhood Center will be a secure and encouraging place where youth, senior citizens, and their families find social, emotional and physical well being, create a sense of community and serve others in need.

Volunteers of America Western Washington is proud to have Rick Steves as Lead Donor and land donated by Trinity Lutheran Church.

Services planned to be provided by a partnership with Volunteers of America Western Washington, Lutheran Community Services and Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County.

This Exciting Model that Engages Communities and Serves Neighbors

  • Vibrant hub fostering community and building new opportunities for families and individuals
  • Multi-cultural, inter-generational center focused on prevention
  • Powerful multi-use facility that addresses a service void and empowers volunteers
  • Serves and transforms a community of high population density and significant poverty
  • Broadly accessible on foot and via bus
  • Vital location for an Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) preschool

For more information on VOAWW's Center or how you can be more involved, please contact Dave Jordan, Project Manager at or (206)713-3899

Big Things are Happening

On the morning of July 12, 2019, we celebrated the beginning of dirt work and site preparation for the upcoming Lynnwood Neighborhood Center alongside our amazing community partners and supporters.

Thank you Team Members

PARTNERS:                                                                     LEAD DONORS:

•TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                          •RICK STEVES     
•VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA                                              •TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH
                                                                                                     •STATE OF WASHINGTON
SERVICE PARTNERS:                                                       COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS:

•BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB                                                   •MAYOR NICOLA SMITH
•ECEAP PRESCHOOL                                                        •REP CINDY RYU
•CENTER FOR HUMAN SERVICES                                 •RUTH KAGI

Conceptual Drawings

VOAWW Neighborhood Service Center Booklet