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Project Harvest

Increasing Access to Nutritious Food in our Community

Project Harvest is striving to increase access to nutritious food in the community. We are connecting local growers, food banks, and volunteers to create produce gleaning opportunities here in Snohomish County. We recognize that access to fresh produce is particularly hard for those on a limited budget. We need your help to make nutritious, fresh, local produce more accessible to all members of our community.

How can you help? Project Harvest recruits and trains volunteers to harvest surplus produce, whether out in the field, at a farmers market, or even in your own backyard. This is a great opportunity to ensure that all local produce has the chance to make it to a plate, while fighting food insecurity in our community.

Join Team Harvest

On Call Field Gleaner

Help us harvest fruit and vegetables for food banks on local farms. Sign up to join our harvest team and spend a morning or afternoon picking blueberries, harvesting apples, or uprooting carrots, while increasing access to nutritious food in our community! Opportunities are ongoing June through November. Keep your eye out for upcoming event dates.

Sunday Afternoon Farmers Market Recovery, Port of Everett

Looking for a long-term volunteer position? Enjoy a local Farmers Market and help increase access to nutritious food in our community. Simply pick up surplus produce upon completion of a Farmers Market. Then, deliver the produce to the VOAWW Snohomish County Food Bank Distribution Center, located in Everett. This is a five month position, great for families!

Interested in setting up Farmers Market Recovery at a Market in Your Town?

This is the first year of the Project Harvest Program. We can only grow our produce recovery opportunities as fast as people are willing to help. If you would like to help coordinate a produce pick up at your local farmers market, we would love to work with you to make it happen!

We are in need of fruit trees and seeds

As the Spring and Summer months inch closer, we are looking for donations of seeds to help with our fresh produce in the upcoming months. We are also looking to register fruit trees that need picking. If you would like to learn more about either opportunity, please click below:

Fruit Trees Wanted
Seeds Wanted

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Register Your Crop

We recognize it is not always ideal for local, small scale growers to harvest their entire crop. We also recognize it is not easy to harvest all the fruit from your back yard fruit tree. We would love to provide volunteers to redirect this produce to those who need it. Register your crop or your surplus produce with Project Harvest if you would like to donate your surplus produce, no matter how big or small the bounty.

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Plant a Row

Fresh produce is an essential component in a healthy diet, but is very easy to cross off a grocery list when you have a tight budget. Plant a Row is a great opportunity for local gardeners to help provide all members of our community with access to fresh, local produce. We are looking for gardeners or fruit tree owners to donate some of their garden produce to a local food bank, and help fight hunger in your own backyard! Plan to grow an extra row or two, or donate excess of what you are already growing. We happily accept donations of fruits, vegetables or fresh herbs. Please enroll online in our Plant a Row program.

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Questions about Project Harvest?

Contact Stephanie Aubert by Email or call 425-259-3191 ext 13058

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