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Online Mediation Services

Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) in Skagit County

Due to COVID-19 we are practicing social distancing and providing services remotely

We offer a variety of online services specifically focused on the unique nature of Skagit Valley.

We serve families undergoing life changes with low-cost parenting plans, separation, and divorce online mediation services, as well as parenting and co-parenting classes. Our Parent-Teen facilitated conversations are offered for FREE, in order to promote family harmony and understanding.

Our community mediation center is a resource for resolving commercial disputes, neighbor-to-neighbor conflicts, natural resource conflicts, workplace disagreements, and more. Additionally, we offer workplace trainings on Trust, Communication, Leadership, and other topics that generate a healthy, productive workforce.

Skagit Regional Director - Donnell Austin can be reached by email

Intake Specialist - Lisa Yant can be reached at 360-542-8487 

Office is located downtown Mount Vernon in the Carnation Building. (Due to COVID-19 we are practicing social distancing and providing services remotely, our office is closed to the public).

117 North 1st Street (upstairs in suite 30) Mount Vernon, WA 98273


Online Mediation

As an alternative to living with the stress of conflict or the anxiety of the formal legal system, mediation can help people in conflict find workable solutions quickly and affordably. Using a voluntary and confidential process, neutral mediators help parties in conflict reach a mutually satisfying agreement. Mediators assist parties in communicating with each other and encourage everyone to collaboratively problem solve a resolution that meets everyone's needs. Mediation can be used in a variety of disputes, including but not limited to:

  • Family: including divorce, parenting plan, elder care and parent/teen issues
  • Neighborhood
  • Business/Consumer
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Workplace

Small Claims Mediation

Within Skagit County most small claims cases are required to go through mediation before trial will be conducted. See more information

Do you need help? Call us 1-800-280-4770


Mediation Trainings

We offer professional training of the highest caliber, created and developed with over thirty years of experience in the conflict management field. Our trainers demonstrate a great breadth of skill and insight and use interactive instruction to provide a variety of lecture, discussion and practice sessions for participants. We offer a variety of in person trainings including:

  • Basic Mediation Training
  • Family
  • Property Division
  • Customizeable Trainings

Professional Development Training

We offer the following one day professional development trainings.

  • Resolving Conflict in the Workplace
  • Trust in the Workplace
  • Communication Skills for Effective Leaders

  • In addition to learning valuable life skills, many students receive continuing education credits, clock hours and college credits for completing our trainings. Continuing Legal Education credits can be received through the Washington State Bar Association and other credits may be available through your professional organization.

  • School Trainings

    We provide a variety of training to school administrators, teachers and students. Training includes conflict resolution skills for staff and students as well as peer mediation training for students. Feel free to contact us to customize a training that works for your school.

    Prison Training

    For over 20 years, Dispute Resolution Center has operated training programs for inmates at the Monroe Correctional Complex. These trainings teach inmates mediation skills they can use within the prison as well as conflict resolution skills they can use once they are released. Both sets of skills can help integrate inmates back into society.

    Co-Parenting Class

    This Co-Parenting class assists parents going through divorce, helping them explore changing family dynamics and relationships, while focusing on the child's needs.

    In this class you will learn:

    1. How to help your children during a divorce.
    2. The impact of parental conflict on children.
    3. How to co-parent effectively to help kids adjust.
    4. How to improve parenting skills and co-parenting skills.
    5. How to understand grief and anger.

    The Skagit DRC also offers specialized programming for Law Enforcement, Civility in Society, and Restorative Practices.

    Civility Project

    The Skagit DRC in collaboration with the Skagit League of Women Voters and Skagit Valley College created a multi-phase approach to cultivating civility in society. SVC students have the opportunity to earn college credit for the series. Please read about our Phase 1 Convening Session, which occurred May 5th, in the links below:

    We are lucky to have dedicated and talented volunteers working on this project, including volunteer mediators who showcased their facilitation skills over community conversation topics.

    With the support of community sponsors, such as the County Commission, EDASC Foundation, regional city leadership, and local media, all events are free!

    Civil Discourse Across the Aisle

    • Learn how Rep. Smith (R) and Rep. Paul (D) work across the aisle for the 10th District
    • Monday August 12, 2019 6:30-8:30 PM
    • Skagit PUD, 1415 Freeway Dr. Mount Vernon WA 98273
    • For a copy of the flyer, please click here

    Restorative Practices

    Restorative Practices work involves first time juvenile offenders who are assigned to a diversion program. In our VOICE class, students learn to correct thinking errors that led to poor decision making, consider the implications of their crime, and find ways to make amends with those harmed. We also teach anger management, conflict resolution, and stress management courses for youth, as well as peacekeeper circles and victim-offender mediations (VOM).