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  • Skagit Mediation Services

    Dispute Resolutions Center in Skagit Valley

    The Dispute Resolutions Center (DRC) in Skagit County offers a variety of services specifically focused on the unique nature of Skagit Valley.

    We serve families undergoing life changes with low-cost parenting plans, separation, and divorce mediations services, as well as parenting and co-parenting classes, and also counseling services in both Spanish and English languages. Our Parent-Teen facilitated conversations are offered for FREE, in order to promote family harmony and understanding.

    Our community mediation center is a resource for resolving commercial disputes, neighbor-to-neighbor conflicts, natural resource conflicts, workplace disagreements, and more. Additionally, we offer workplace trainings on Trust, Communication, Leadership, and other topics that generate a healthy, productive workforce.

    The Skagit DRC also offers specialized programming for Law Enforcement, Civility in Society, and Restorative Practices.

    Restorative Practices:

    Restorative Practices work involves first time juvenile offenders who are assigned to a diversion program. In our VOICE class, students learn to correct thinking errors that led to poor decision making, consider the implications of their crime, and find ways to make amends with those harmed. We also teach anger management, conflict resolution, and stress management courses for youth, as well as peacekeeper circles and victim-offender mediations.

    Civility in Society:

    The Skagit DRC partnered with the League of Women Voters and Skagit Valley College to create a multi-phase approach to cultivating civility in society. SVC students have the opportunity to earn college credit for the series. Please read about our Phase 1 Convening Session, which occurred May 5th, in the links below:

    We are lucky to have dedicated and talented volunteers working on this project, including volunteer mediators who showcased their facilitation skills over community conversation topics.

    Phase 2 will involve four skill building sessions hosted by four different city mayors on June 14th (Mount Vernon), July 19th (Anacortes) , August 9th (Sedro Woolley), and September 12th (Burlington).

    Phase 3 is a full day conference scheduled for Saturday October 6th, and will serve as a way to celebrate October as Conflict Resolution Month in Washington.

    This is as far as we’ve planned, however, who knows, perhaps Phase 4 will develop into family dinners with tough table topics to chew on in time for the holidays.

    With the support of community sponsors, such as the County Commission, EDASC Foundation, regional city leadership, and local media, all events are free!

    Please join us and register at:

  • Meaninful Day Program

    Recreational and Art Therapy

    Our Meaningful Day Program is to empower a higher quality of life for those who live with intellectual disabilities. Volunteers of America Western Washington Meaningful Day Program prides itself on connecting people with disabilities to living situations and experiences that foster independence and enhance self esteem. The Meaningful Day Program empowers a higher quality of life by providing opportunities to stay active and socialize. Social skills are something we continuously learn throughout our life, but without the opportunity to do so can be a hard skill to foster.

    Click here to see our calendar of events

  • Disability Services

    Supportive Living for Intellectually Disabled Adults

    Our Disability Services include our state-recognized Supported Living program and our Recreational Options guided tour and recreation experiences. Each program is designed specifically for adults with developmental disabilities, fostering independence at the level each individual can achieve successfully. Each program operates with a mission focus, knowing that as it reaches its goals, an adult with developmental disabilities will be choosing life experiences that help them be the best that they can be—just like anyone else.

    For more information click here (add info link on how to get services)

    To join our team or see career opportunities click here (direct to careers)

  • Non-Emergency Behavioral Health Services

    Northsound 2-1-1 : 2-1-1 is an easy to remember phone number that quickly connects people with resources in their community. When you dial 2-1-1, trained Information and Referral Specialists answer your questions and get you connected with the resources you need. Whether you're in need of help with rent assistance, job training, food, shelter, or support groups, these are just some of the hundreds of social services and health and wellness programs that 2-1-1 can help you access. Our Information and Referral Specialists are here when you need them, available 24/7 for your convenience.

  • Care Crisis Line

    Crisis Services: Volunteers of America 24 Hour Crisis Line offers emotional support and crisis intervention to individuals in crisis or considering suicide. In addition to the 24 Hour Crisis Line, we also offer crisis services through our Care Crisis Chat. Our chat service offers an outlet for people that prefer communication online rather then by telephone. Call 1-800-584-3578 or chat now.

    Access to Mental Health Services: Our call center staffed with mental health clinicians who will help individuals with Medicaid determine their financial eligibility for outpatient mental health services. Our clinicians assist in enrolling eligible individuals in services with one of our NSMHA contracted agencies. Call us to talk to a clinician M-F between 8:00am - 5:00pm. Alternatively, you can complete our online form.

    CALL 888-693-7200


    Volunteers of America Western Washington is excited to share a new option for mental health professionals to initiate the ACCESS referral process is by completing our "ACCESS for Professionals" form; this form requires additional information for processing and can be used by Education workers, Jail/Prison workers, DCFS Social Workers, hospitals and clinicians


    Questions or need more information? Find more mental health resources at the National Mental Health Information Center website.

    Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Enrollment/Eligibility Forms Now Online

    If you are currently enrolled in Apple Health (Medicaid) completing the SUD Eligibility form is how you start the process of scheduling an appointment at one of the community outpatient substance use agencies in Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom, Island and San Juan counties. If you are trying to submit a form on your own behalf or your child's, please click on the SUD Eligibility Form button to complete.

    Once you have completed your application, if there are no questions, one of our Access staff will forward your application to the substance use agency of your choice. You will receive a call back from the agency's scheduler within 1-2 business days to set up your first assessment appointment.

    We encourage you to select an agency choice to expedite the processing of your file and scheduling an appointment. Each agency has their own website for additional information on location, etc. there is a question about your form, an Access Clinician will call you back within 1 business day. During that call, the Access Clinician will try to transfer you to the agency of your choice to set up your first assessment appointment.

    If you are third party needing to complete form for a patient referral or patient intake please use SUD Enrollment For Professionals form. This form requires additional information for processing and can be used by Education workers, Jail/Prison workers, DCFS Social Workers, hospitals and clinicians.