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Sky Valley Youth Coalition

The Sky Valley Youth Coalition (SVYC) mission: to keep our youth living above the influence of harmful substances, free from self-harm and suicide, and resilient to bullying.  

The SVYC welcomes all middle school and high school kids in the Sky Valley area who want to make a change in themselves, their community, and their world. They host a safe space for teens after school, and provide service opportunities, connections to supportive and trustworthy adult mentors, and exposure to post-secondary education and employment opportunities. The group is regularly engaged in volunteering, fundraising, attending events, and helping each other with homework, among other uplifting and fun activities. 

Get in touch with the SYVC's Youth Program Coordinator, Ruth Shapovalov:

  • 701 1st St, Sultan, WA 98294
  • 360-793-2400 x14010
  • Email