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Workplace Services

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Workplace Conflict Resolution Services


30-40% of a manager's daily activities are devoted to some form of conflict *
U.S. employees spend 2.8 hrs per wk dealing with conflict, equating to $395 Billion**

Handling conflict in a constructive manner can lead to:
Improved relationships – Reduced Cost of Conflict - Increased Trust – Creatively – Reduced Stress-Sense of Team

Let us help you get the best from conflict. Contact Donnell Austin at 425-212-3931.

Restorative Services

Online Mediation

The DRC uses the Facilitative Mediation Model. This model engages the parties who are in conflict to work together to find their own solutions to an improved working relationship.

The DRC provides two highly skilled mediators.
The role of the mediators is to:

  • create a safe environment where all parties can be heard
  • provide an opportunity for parties to share all ideas to fix problems and move forward
  • aid in the writing of agreements to which the parties have agreed


Facilitation services are for larger groups ( 5 and up) focused on a specific task. For example: facilitating an annual board of directors meeting, helping a home owners association create new by-laws, merging two teams, bringing on a new team member, neutral presence to help manage meeting outcomes.

Conflict Coaching

Trained coaches meet 1:1 in person or on the phone to help the individual move through conflict in a productive way. The coach serves as a sounding board and helps the client identify their goals and areas of desired improvement.

Proactive Services

Training/ Teambuilding

The DRC has a national reputation as a leader in conflict resolution training. We offer a variety of classes for individuals, manager and teams. Our current training calendar can be found here. Trainings listed on the calendar are taught at our training facilities. There is also an option of customizing the training and delivery at client's sites.

Ombudsman Services – helping to resolve issues at the lowest level of an organization

An Ombudsman can be a great resource enabling an organization to hear and resolve issues at the lowest level of an organization, thus negating the need for other forms of intervention or use of a formal grievance process. An Ombudsman is a neutral, confidential, independent resource.

The DRC has IOA (International Ombudsman Association) trained Ombuds who can provide service in two primary ways:

  1. (External) By assessing, implementing and providing direct ombudsman services for you organization.
  2. ( Internal) Helping you establish an internal ombudsman office and practice.


Have conflict and not sure what you need? Contact the DRC and we can talk through your needs and discuss customize services for your organization.

*Watson and Hoffman study
**CPP Global Human capital report, July 2008

Cost of Conflict in the Workplace resources

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