Conflict Resolution Services

professional mediators  
The Volunteers of America Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) is an alternative justice center with extensive experience as a mediation and training program. The DRC was founded by the Volunteers of America in 1982 as the Rental Housing Mediation Service and serves as the Fair Housing Counselor for Snohomish County.  In 1986 it became the first dispute resolution center in the State of Washington pursuant to state legislation RCW 7.75. 

The DRC provides a wide range of professional and affordable conflict resolution services, including:

Fair Housing and Landlord/Tenant Services:  Our housing specialists provide education and support services on issues such as; fair housing in Snohomish County, rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, conflict resolution for housing issues, etc.

Mediation: Mediation is a process where the people in a dispute meet with a neutral third party to resolve the conflict.  Mediators are unbiased, neutral third parties, who guide parties through a structured negotiation process. Types of cases the DRC frequently handles include: family, divorce, workplace, neighborhood, landlord/tenant, business, consumer and property.  Quick Link to Download Mediation Forms

Facilitation: This process refers to assisting communication and the managing of interpersonal dynamics within a group of people.

Phone conciliation: Reserved for rental housing issues, this process involves a conciliator working to resolve a dispute between a landlord and tenant.

Workplace consultation: The DRC provides consultation, ombudsman services, conflict coaching and conflict system design services to workplaces.

Training: The DRC is also a lead agency for professional mediation training and certification; including Basic Professional Mediation, Family Mediation and one-on-one conflict resolution skills.

NEW! Spanish mediation services now available.  Contact our Spanish Outreach and Services Coordinator at 425-212-3933 for more information.