We actively support and promote


through education, outreach, and counseling  to ensure that people have the opportunity to provide and obtain housing without discrimination

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Under the Fair Housing Act, it is illegal to discriminate in the provision of housing based on Protected Classes, including: 

  • Sex

  • Race

  • Color

  • Disability

  • Marital Status

  • Religion & Creed

  • Military / Veteran Status

  • Familial / Parental Status

  • National Origin / Ancestry

  • Sexual Orientation / Gender Identity

Fair Housing

Education and Counseling

Each year, we offer at least 10 Fair Housing Training courses for tenants. Training includes information on:

  • Protected classes

  • Fair Housing laws, compliance & protections

  • Disabilities and accommodations

  • Formal complaints

We also provide training in conjunction with the Washington State Human Rights Commission and VOAWW Fair Housing Counselors can meet with landlords and tenants to discuss fair housing concerns.

All services and training are free of charge.

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Questions about housing discrimination?

Landlords and tenants with questions can contact the Landlord-Tenant & Fair Housing Call Line at 425-339-1335 (option 4) or email us, so we can help you problem solve.


Serving Snohomish County

File a formal complaint

Volunteers of America Western Washington does not conduct Fair Housing investigations.


Fair Housing complaints must be filed within one (1) year of the alleged harmful act or event.

Contact one of the resources here to learn more about how to proceed with a housing complaint.

Washington State

Human Rights Commission

(360) 753-6770


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

(800) 669-9777


Fair Housing Center

of Washington

253) 274-9523


The Dispute Resolution Center does not provide legal services or legal advice.
The information provided is for educational purposes and is not an interpretation of Fair Housing Laws.

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