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Diapers Are Not Cheap

"A young mother came up to the Casino Road Food Pantry with children hanging from every limb on her body. With hope in her eyes she asked for size 5 diapers. My heart broke as I told her that we had run out of size 5. Still a bit hopeful, the mother tried requesting: “size 4?” “size 6?” Still no diapers left. At the Casino Road Food Pantry we hand out diapers but often run out of the bigger sizes(4,5). Even though I knew I couldn’t provide diapers every single week, the least I could do was buy a few cases for the next week.

So I googled diapers and quickly found out that DIAPERS ARE NOT CHEAP!! This gave me perspective on how much my own mother has done for me, along with the struggle these families are facing each and every day.

I am usually one to choose to donate anonymously for the goal of not glorifying myself, rather solely helping the cause. However when asked to share my story, I felt that God could use this story to inspire others to donate, along with bring awareness to the real and raw struggles in every day life."

Diaper donor Mercy Andersen attends Glacier Peak High School this fall.

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