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Dear Kristi....

Dear Kristi,

I know you are in pain and very scared. I know the excruciating headaches, debilitating vertigo and not knowing when it will get better have you out of sorts. You are simply not yourself right now and thoughts of how to end the suffering have suddenly crept into your mind. But in all of the chaos, you did the right thing. You were a responsible gun owner. You knew that asking to have your trusting firearm removed from the safe under your bed and stored in another undisclosed location while you recovered very well could have saved our life.

I can’t thank you enough for realizing what had always brought you comfort and security suddenly turned dark with temptation. There is nothing braver than asking for help and I am so very proud of you. It is wonderful to see 2-years post-surgery that you are stronger than ever and once again at peace with your handgun back at home, under the bed.


Post-Aneurysm Craniotomy Kristi


Kristi's Letter to Myself is part of our "It's OK to not be OK" campaign to recognize September as National Suicide Awareness month. If you or someone you know is struggling, visit for 24/7 chat support or call 800-273-8255.

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