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What is your car worth?

To a hungry family, it might be a month of meals.

To a woman and her children in need of shelter, it could provide a safe place to sleep.

To someone in crisis, it might be the difference between hope and despair.

Your car is worth so much more than you think.

How does it work?


Call us at 1-877-CAR-4-VOA or fill out the form below


We will make arrangements to tow your vehicle at no cost


Receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation.

Donation Info

Where does the money go?

Each donation is sold at auction, and associated costs are deducted from the sale price. The remaining funds are given right back to Volunteers of America Western Washington, with minimal administrative costs, so we can invest the most of your gift in supporting individuals and families in their journey to healthy, stable lives.

Net proceeds from every sale are allocated to local programs for your neighbors in Snohomish County and the north Puget Sound communities we serve.

We accept more than just cars!

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