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Solving Hunger With Heart

Isaiah's playing "Need For Speed: Most Wanted" on his gaming laptop.

Maybe it's because his whole world has slowed down, but there's something about the racing that he comes back to.

Isaiah is a 10th grader at Sultan High School, and this year has been hard. "I miss being able to ask the teacher questions in person, and I miss my friends." In the beginning of the pandemic, he was mostly isolated at home. But then his Sky Valley Youth Coalition (SVYC) transitioned into delivering meal packs, and he jumped in.

Isaiah volunteers unloading food and packing meals, and now the SVYC delivers to 71 different teens who receive 10 meals and 10 snacks each week. "When I started doing that, I felt a lot better, like I'm helping a lot of people." Additionally, with the commitment and persistence of Isaiah and other volunteers, the VOA Sultan Food Bank went from providing 200 boxes per week to just under 2,000 boxes a week.

Isaiah received a SVYC Volunteerism Award last month for his extraordinary service. More importantly, he learned valuable leadership skills and he won’t stop until everyone from Monroe to Baring gets the food they need. "SVYC is a home away from home," he says. With help from Isaiah, the SVYC is helping to solve hunger with heart.

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